Something Freaky this Way Comes

The weirdest thing happened Wednesday night. Well, I guess it’s technically the wee hours of Thursday morning. The first half of this was told to me because I was asleep. Holly was dozing in bed, facing the wall. Her back was to the open area of our room. She says she suddenly felt like someone was behind her, watching her. She didn’t move – a little afraid that there might actually be someone there. After a couple seconds she distinctly heard a male voice say, “Well I can’t handle both of you.” Needless to say, it scared her. She turned over and the room was empty, though she thought she glimpsed something on the other side of the room, near the stairs. She scared the crap out of me waking me up. She said she heard something and I told her she had to have dreamt it. She went downstairs and checked the house and it was empty. There was no sign of forced entry in the house and nothing is missing or anything like that.

We were a little nervous to sleep last night so we tied our door shut. It didn’t have a lock so we put yarn together to make a thick rope and tied the doorknob to the stair railing so the door couldn’t be opened. We felt comforted enough to sleep, but let me tell you that thing sucked at 3:30 when I woke up and had to use the bathroom.

What do you think?