Something “Fiddler on the Roof” and Teri Have in Common

I love traditions.  I look forward to partaking in them and reminisce about past ones.  Traditions are how I know the event is here, if that makes sense.    It seems like as I get older more and more traditions get broken and I’m not creating new ones to take their place.  I told Mr. W that we needed to come up with some traditions of our own, but I have no idea what they should be.  For the past few years I’ve gone to Christkindlemart and purchased hand-made ornaments, so I’m going to try and keep that one going.  I’m open to any other suggestions.

Speaking of, this year for Christmas Paige got me a hand-made wooden ornament.  It’s a wood burned ornament–two love birds on one side and the back says “Our First Christmas, 2010”.  It’s very sweet.  And made me think of something.  Anytime anyone wants to get me a Christmas gift, consider a hand-made ornament.  It doesn’t have to be hand-made by you, but by someone.  I love these kinds of ornaments.  Oh!  Maybe every year Mr. W and I could make an ornament together.  And date it with the year.  I love that idea.  Making ornaments as a tradition is full of win!

On an unrelated note, to anyone and everyone who sent us a Christmas card this year:  I am very sorry not to have returned the gesture.  I couldn’t quite get things together in time this year, but fully expect to have a nice Christmas card list next year.  I’m making that my New Year’s Resolution–to be better at reaching out to people on birthdays and holidays.

Man, see how this laptop has helped already?  Two posts in one day!  Amazing!  It’s cause I want to play with it, basically.  My new toy and all that.  Mr. W has been playing Alan Wake all day and I’ve been sitting here next to him watching.  This game is seriously a heart attack waiting to happen.  Each chapter of the game is called an “episode” and is set up like a television episode [like each one starts with a “previously on…” with a show recap].  Cute concept.  Usually the beginning of each episode is during daylight (read, non-scary) hours and I play for a little while until it gets dark and then I throw the controller to Mr. W to take over.   I can’t handle the stress.  I started playing the whole time in the beginning but would start to freak out and panic when a fight started.  Couldn’t stay alive.  In my defense, the primary weapon is a flashlight.  That warrants a little panic.

Mr. W just had to fight a Darkness-possessed harvester machine with said flashlight.  I just know I’m gonna have nightmares all night of being attacked by various farm and train equipment.

2 thoughts on “Something “Fiddler on the Roof” and Teri Have in Common

  1. I say go with your idea of you and Mr. W picking out one ornament a year and dating it. That's what Ben and I do. However, the past couple years we've picked out 2 or 3. Why you ask? Well, I can never decide on just one and they are $2! So the past year and this year we had a cowboy theme. We've decided to break that theme for next year. Ben says 4 is the limit! Then I question him and say what about the snowmen, the….well, you get the point. Maybe next year we can decide on one…maybe…The rest of our ornaments come from my students and my parents. My parents gave me a good amount of them since we didn't have many the first couple years. Recycling is always a good thing! I hope you had a fabulous first Christmas together and that you don't get run over by too many machines!

  2. My traditions have slowly but surely been crumbling as the years have passed, and now that both of my grandparents are in a home, the big family christmases are pretty much extinct. So I know exactly how you feel!

    This is really the only constructive thing I can add to your post:

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