Some People Just Love Socks

Mr. W was chosen to judge a science fair from his old school.  He was running late and concerned he would miss out on the opportunity.  He texted me to let me know he made it.

Mr. W: “Got here at 10, missed only the sixth grade class.”
Me: “Oh good!  Screw sixth graders.  Not literally.”
Mr. W: “Great, now the government has you on record as saying that.”
Me: “I said not literally.  We’re aces.”

And another text conversation I had today:

Tim: “I took the day off and we’re going to Disneyland.”
Me: “Horny! My phone auto-corrected “hooray” to horny.  Whatever floats your boat, cellphone.”
Tim: “Earlier when I typed “never” to you, it auto-corrected to “ne’er”.  So poetic.”
Me: “Agreed.  We should start texting like that more.”
Tim: “Thou hast an excellent plan!”
Me: “Verily.”

Lastly, I really wanted to share a news article that I read today.  Apparently a naked man walked into a Wal-Mart and stole some socks.  Out of all the things a naked person could steal in a public superstore, I would have thought that socks would have ranked further down on the list.  Especially in Pennsylvania during February.  Maybe it is just me.

What do you think?