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Some of you may remember my previous mentionings of writing a book with the theme, “Christians: the Downfall of Christianity.” It’s something I add thoughts to from time and time and lately I’ve been going into Christian chat rooms looking for, well, fodder. Fortunately this is in abundant supply.

There was one person that kept talking about music and making statements that there was no such thing as Christian rock music or Christian heavy metal. They claimed that rock and roll and heavy metal was satanist music. Against my better judgment, I joined in.

myladyteri: what is it about rock music that makes it satanic?
**********: Because there is no such thing as Christian Rock or Christian Metal
myladyteri: that doesn’t answer my question
myladyteri: what makes rock music satanic?
**********: Those who think Rock and Metal is CHristian are people who want God but also wants lots of Sinning also LOL
myladyteri: what is your definition of christian music?
**********: Christian music is soothing, not racket
myladyteri: so if someone was singing a worship chorus and couldn’t carry a tune, they aren’t worshiping God?
[Take a moment to note that there is no answer to this.] ***********: you all love satan if you love his music
myladyteri: i’m just saying there is no “satan music” and “god music”. music is music.
myladyteri: you can’t make a statement that something is satanic just because you don’t like it
**********: mylady also wants to serve Satan in the Name of Jesus, SAD
**********: mylady you are satanists for calling Rock CHristian
myladyteri: i never said rock is christian. i am trying to get you to tell me what satanic music is, because i don’t see how music, in and of itself, can be satanic
**********: Jesus did not use Rock Music or Heavy Metal
myladyteri: jesus didn’t use hymns or worship choruses either
**********: Yes He did Mylady
**********: Mylady the bible said by their fruits you shall know them, and by your fruits you serve satan if you call Heavy metal CHristian
myladyteri: so you’re saying jesus sang amazing grace?
[Again, note they never answered. Instead they changed the subject to say, “you can lose your salvation, you know.”]

All I can say is wow. Thank you, Anonymous Internet User, for making my job that much easier.

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  1. This is interesting since the presentation directly before mine was about contemporary christian music. They played some Christian heavy metal but it sounded like anything Black Sabbath could have put out. They assured us that if we looked at the lyrics, we would see it was Christian.

  2. I was raised that if you had to look at the lyrics, then something was wrong.
    I now believe that they're wrong. There are more and more "Christian" songs coming out that sound like anything you'd hear on a secular station.
    For example… TobyMac sings a song called "Gone"… The song and the lyrics don't even sound Christian until the very very end when he says "God made a way through the pain". There's no moral… no encouragement.
    Col. 3:16 says "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God." NIV
    This is the standard by which we need to measure whether a song is "christian" or not. "Christian" means "of, pertaining to, or being like Christ"
    Keep this in mind when choosing what you listen to.

  3. Sigh. People like this are what I fight against every day at work and with my non-Christian friends. It's hard to get people to see past the crap people have made issues with and get to you know, the actual point of being a Christian, ie Jesus.

  4. This is Andy
    I think he was just distracted because he was talking to you, the devil herself. MU HA HA HA HA! <disappears in a cloud of smoke>

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