My brain decided to be mean today and woke me up after a measly four hours of sleep.  I tried the Speed Sleep to get back to sleep and, well, no dice.  But when I opened the Treasure Chest, I found the solution to all of my problems was not a bright, green frisbee like last time but a present with light pink wrapping paper anda dark pinkish bow.  I never opened the present.

At the end of the session, Voice said, “And as you ride up the escalator you feel rested and relaxed.”  I did not.  I instead demonstrated a rude gesture to my cd player.

Should’ve got some coffee.
Should’ve got some coffee.
Should’ve got some coffee.

(Since I said it three times, you know I really mean it.)

One thought on “So…Tired…

  1. i tried the speed sleep last night.
    it was mildly effective.
    i started to feel myself dozing off as i was walking through my garden, but then i woke back up when i realized i was dozing. my treasure was weird. when i opened the chest, all this gold light blasted me in the face. as i reached in, my hand went through a bunch of liquid (water?) and then i got my treasure — a golden metal pole about an inch in diameter and about 12 inches long…
    i figure it's either my ruling stick or merely an overpriced lethal weapon to take care of people that have been pissing me off.
    so anyway. i also actually dozed off toward the end of the CD after the guy stopped talking and it was just music. but the second the music stopped, i woke back up. i fell asleep on my own about 10 minutes later.
    all the dozing may have just been because i was tired, but who knows? (but then again, maybe i was having so much trouble following its orders because i had just completed an really fucking exciting episode of prison break…)
    sleep is over-rated.

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