Small World

Did I post about the handsome European guy who cut my hair last summer/fall and went on and on about a dead girlfriend? I think I remember using the phrase “boundary-pushing hair dresser” in a post but can’t find it now.

Anyway, Thursday a guy comes to the front desk to make a reservation for Friday night. The whole time I’m helping him he keeps saying that I look familiar. Well, A.) I’m always getting people telling me I look familiar, and B.) He’s a handsome European guy. I figure he doesn’t really know me. He makes his reservation and leaves. Shortly after, it occurs to me that yes, this is the boundary-pushing hair dresser. His name is Milo, spelled Milot.

I felt bad for not remembering him, so I left him a note at the front desk. Tonight he came back to the desk and we chatted briefly. He was with a friend and explained to them how he knew me. It was just an interesting little moment.

3 thoughts on “Small World

  1. European, hair-dresser, with a "friend." If fate's giving you anything, I think it's just a good hair-dresser. Though the whole dead girlfriend thing is intriguing.

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