Six Recently Read Books

This week’s Saturday Six is the six most recent books I have finished.  They are:

1. What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures by Malcolm Gladwell

Not a lot to say about this one as it is probably my least favorite of the Gladwell books. It is a compilation of articles he has written over the years. Very informative, just a little too disjointed for me.

2. Heat Wave by Richard Castle

I read Heat Wave because I am a fan of the TV show, Castle, and was curious.  There is a whole series of books and graphic novels written by “Richard Castle” the character portrayed on the show by Nathan Fillion.  He even does fake book tours and signings for the books.  I thought it was a clever idea.  The book, unfortunately, wasn’t all that great.  Not terrible, just exactly what you would expect from a novel written by a fake persona from a TV series.

3. Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde

I didn’t technically finish Lost in a Good Book, as I stopped reading about halfway through, but I am finished with it nonetheless.  A friend of mine is a big fan of Fforde’s books and recommended it to me, but I couldn’t get into it.  I also don’t like the author’s sense of humor–I find a lot of it to be a little too forced.

4. Watership Down by Richard Adams

I found this book to be wonderfully charming and delightful. Such a simple story — a group of rabbits leaving their home and looking for a new one — but the writing is so lovely and the characters so real that you can’t help falling in love with it. I never read this book in high school and am glad because I probably wouldn’t have found it as great as I do now.

5. Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Allegiant is the third book in the Divergent series, which you probably hadn’t heard of before they released the movie trailers for it.  It is kind of your typical YA, with the angst and emotion, but I thought the world was interesting and I liked the main character.  However, I hated this third book.  The previous two books are strictly from the point of view of the main female character.  The third novel randomly switches back and forth between the POV of the main female and the main male.  It was jarring, and I frequently forgot who’s POV I was reading.  A lot of “Why would she say that?  Oh wait, it’s the guy again…” moments.

6. A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin

Great book. I am loving everything in this series. I can’t say too much about this without spoiling it, so I won’t. But if you enjoy fantasy, even a little bit, you should read these books.
What are you reading?

6 thoughts on “Six Recently Read Books

  1. Lost in a Good Book is probably the worst of the Thursday Next series…well, tie between that and Well of Lost Plots, but please tell me that it’s not the first one you read. I’m assuming you read The Eyre Affair first…? What were your thoughts on that?

    I read everything Fforde writes, but will be the first to admit that sometimes the Next books bog down, though overall I really enjoy the series. His kinda YA series starting with the Last Dragonslayer is much faster/snappier and you might like that better. Also he’s writing a sort-of sci fi starting with Shades of Grey (no not that one) which is fascinating and an entirely different type of writing (not nearly so much playing with words on the page).

    I also kinda enjoyed Divergent for the world, but like so many of this type of book, since it effectively destroyed that world in book one…why read more? Especially since the romance felt so forced.

    I’m done with Song of Ice and Fire too. I stuck with it until this last book, but he has now killed or practically killed every single character I actually cared about. Sigh. I’ll just read something where I actually care about what happens now…

    • I did read The Eyre Affair first and didn’t like that one much either.

      I’m sorry you’re giving up Song of Ice and Fire, but I understand. I love all the Starks and Martin seems to enjoy making them suffer.

  2. I didn’t like Allegiant either. Same issues. Plus that end piece? I felt like the author did it just because she could, not because anyone actually had to die. So irritated.

  3. Unfortunately, I haven’t read much prose fiction since I swapped my career to screenwriting two years ago. I recently acquired “Odd Interlude,” which is a compilation of novellas about Dean Koontz’s “Odd Thomas” character. I’m excited to sit down and give it a go, as I find Odd to be one of the greatest characters Koontz has created. Some of the books in the Odd series are hit and miss, but that first outing with Odd will forever remain a favorite of mine.

    I keep debating whether I give the Game of Thrones series a try, but as I commented in a previous blog of yours, I have a difficult time getting into fantasy, and the pilot episode of the show didn’t grab me as much as it seemed to enthrall the rest of the world. :-/

  4. I recently read The Giver, which was a delightful little book. Excited to read the rest of the series.

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