Six Facts About Me

1.) I have the worst short-term memory, dare I say, ever.  As I sit here I can think of at least three things I’ve forgotten to do today and I’ve only been awake for two hours.  (I’m so sorry, Sarah!  I feel really terrible.)

2.) I find anything that is smaller than it should be terribly cute.  However this does not apply to midgets; I find them rather frightening.

3.) I’ve been working a third shift job for a year now.  Some people might view this as an indication of insanity.  While it’s not my favorite thing in the world, it’s surprising tolerable, aided by both an affinity for staying up at night and an incredibly understanding roommate.

4.) I have a hard time finishing things I start.  I’ve long ago lost track of the number of computer games I’ve lost interest in halfway through or stories I’ve started, outlined, and promptly put away in a drawer.  I don’t know why I do this–as a J it annoys me.

5.) Aesthetics play a huge role with me.  I love clever packaging.  I will go several minutes out of my way to walk around my apartment building and enter from the front, instead of the boring, dumpster-lined back entrance.  I will do this in sun, rain, or snow.  When playing Phase 10, I am more likely to discard a yellow or red card than a blue or green card, even when doing so will not aid me in winning the game.

6.) I am torn by my love of books/owning books and a desire to be a minimalist.  I would love to get rid of everything I own but I look lovingly over at my shelves of books and know I could never really do it.

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