Simple Things

As much as I love Chicago, there are certain things I miss about not living in a big city.

Grass/Flowers: After my eye doctor appointment, I was walking from the hospital to the bus stop and the grass (yay grass!) was freshly cut.  There was a light breeze and it blew the smell of grass and flowers around.  I slowed down and enjoyed the walk a little more.  Walking around downtown, any smells blowing around are most likely coming from the bum on the corner or the dumpster around back.

Birds: I like walking home from work on Sunday mornings because there is less traffic on the streets, and I can actually hear birds singing.  I love that sound.  Unless the birds are pigeons, and then I do not love that sound.  I just want to kick them.

Stars: I haven’t seen any recently, but I love stars.  I love taking walks at night and looking at stars.  I went to college in a very small town next to a slightly larger lake in Nowheresville, Indiana.  Friends and I (or just me) would go down to the lake at night and just watch stars.  It was very peaceful.

I also miss road trips, but that’s not necessarily something I miss about not living in a city.  Or I suppose it could be, since the reason I do not have a car is because I’m living in a city where one is not necessary/too expensive.  (But it sure would be nice to not restrict my grocery shopping ventures to what I can carry home or fit in my homeless cart.  (Tim hates it when I call it that.))

Other random updatey things:
**The book fair is this Saturday and Sunday!  Huzzah!  This is the third year I’ve mentioned the blasted thing–perhaps this time I’ll actually think to take and post some pictures of said miraculous event.
**The Monkeys of the Sea are no more.  Paige and I looked for any signs of life and, seeing none, flushed ’em.  We had a brief ceremony, wherein I hummed a mournful tune, before resuming Guitar Hero.

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  1. I look back fondly on my time in Nowheresville, Indiana. It's definitely a trade-off (and there's probably a reason so many people live in suburbs…).

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