Share Everything [except Food Poisoning]

Never before have I really had to share my things.  Not that I’m bad at sharing [at least, I don’t think I am] it’s just that it’s not my default mindset.  Mr. W is always reminding me that it’s not “mine” and “his” anymore, but “ours”.  Especially in regards to money.  It’s going to take some getting used to.

Him: Let’s order something for dinner tonight.
Me: Sure.  I have some money.  Want me to pay?
Him: How about *we* pay with the joint account?
Me: Oh yeah!

So yeah, definitely a change.

I’ve been in the new apartment for a week now and it’s great.  I don’t think there is a straight line in the place, but it feels like home.  I also need to get used to being able to put my things wherever I want.  I keep getting frustrated because there’s no place for something in the bedroom before realizing that I have an entire apartment to find a place for it.  Now I just need to stop getting sick long enough to finish getting all my stuff in there and unpacked.

Speaking of sick–I had food poisoning yesterday.  Feeling better today, albeit a little weak.  And hey, I lost five pounds!

Me: Think how much weight I would lose between now and the wedding if I just got food poisoning once a week!
Paige: Yeah, but that would suck.  Go with bulimia.  You won’t have to miss work and will only have to throw up three times a day.
Me: That sounds much better than food poisoning!
Paige: Usually bulimia is never the answer, but it is clearly the better choice here.

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