So I never actually had Interview Number Two on Monday.  Since last weekend I’ve been feeling, well, generally bummed out.  I was never really sure about this job because I’ve had an administrative assistant position before.  I worked quickly and efficiently, making their lives a little easier, and worked myself right out of a job.  So to me, admin assistant = job insecurity.

So I woke up Monday (a little late) and I forced myself to get ready.  Despite being bummed out and despite being scared to have a secretary job.  I kept telling myself that even if I didn’t want this position, they might remember me for future ones.   I bandaged my feet because the dress shoes I don’t wear very often hurt my feet last week at the other interview..  So I was kinda limping.  And I was still getting ready ten full minutes after I should have left the apartment to walk seven or eight blocks to the interview.  I despise being late.

I get into the elevator, press the button, and nothing.  You may all remember the last time I posted about the elevator and it’s mind games, so I waited in the elevator, thinking after a few times of the door opening and closing it would eventually descend.  Well, it didn’t.  After a minute or so the door just opened and stayed open.  It wasn’t going anywhere.  I started crying in the elevator and walked back to my apartment.

Tim took one look at me and helpfully said, “I’m glad I’m not a girl.”

9 thoughts on “Self-Defeatism

  1. I am confused I am not sure why Tim thinks the elevator not working and such has to do with your being a girl?? Maybe the elevator hates girls?? I am sorry to hear it didn't go well but I guess it just means I should pray harder for you to get that first one 🙂

      • oh, well guys would still be upset about it, they would just hide it more. So still not sure how he would be luckier than you :). I think Teri needs to plan a vacation to come visit her cousin and make me cook for you 🙂 hehe.

  2. I was wondering why you were mopey on Facebook. I'm sorry you had a bad day. I've definitely been there. I don't know how many times I've chosen to skip something rather than be late. In the future, it's usually better to go anyway though every fiber of your being screams "Nooooooo!"
    You've brought a little happiness into my day. I feel less crazy when non-crazy women cry over things like demon elevators. I think elevators do hate women by the way.

  3. Oddly, one of my best friends as a child was an elevator.
    You'd think I was kidding if you didn't know me, huh?
    I hope you're doing better hon.

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