Seeing Sunlight = Being Tired

I woke up early today and went out to the book fair before finally going to Target.  You know, for a store that’s not really all that far away I put off going there like it’s my job.  I’ve waited so long to go grocery shopping now, that I’ve managed talking myself out of it entirely with, “You get paid six days from now.  Just wait until then!” and ended up only buying a few toiletry items like contact solution and conditioner–which will not wait six more days.  This is how much I dislike grocery shopping.

But anyway, Book Fair goodness!

As much as I love books, I can never stay at this thing for too long–there are just too many people.  A plethora of people is always a sure-fire way to put me on edge.  I bought Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” and Koontz’s “The Husband”.  Thank you, overtime pay, for making these purchases possible.  Have I ever told you that I love you?

Hmm, what else is going on?  Surely there must be something…
**I tried to see Knocked Up with Andrea Friday night, but it was sold out when we got to the theater.  And it looks like I missed seeing Hot Fuzz in the theaters.  C’est la vie.
**I’ve said this before, but I’m getting a part-time job.  Something just a couple days a week so that I can make a larger, faster dent in my debt.  Mike-the-Bellman was very helpful in compiling a list of places to start applying.  We also looked up my credit information and I was pleasantly surprised to see that my credit is pretty freakin’ great.  I figured some things in college had screwed me over, but it had all dropped off.  What a nice thing, this ‘dropping off.’  Let’s have a little more of that, please.
**Reid came over the other night and we watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  That movie is so bad that it’s good.  We had a nice evening laughing at both cheesy dialogue and Kevin Costner’s mullet.  And it never bothered me when the movie first came out, but Morgan Freeman as an Arab?  Really?

Oh, and some bad news (to Daytonians).  My manager needs July 21st off, which was the weekend I was going to be in Dayton for Julie’s wedding.  I wish I could go, but I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford the trip anyway.  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself to keep from being too disappointed.  I miss you Ohio people.  Sometime this summer I want to rent a car and mini-road trip myself over there.

5 thoughts on “Seeing Sunlight = Being Tired

  1. American Gods rocks. I love Gaiman. (I actually have his feed on my LJ.) My favorite novel of his, though, is Neverwhere. I just finised reading it again. My first introduction to Gaiman was his Sandman comics. Did I mention that I love reading Gaiman?
    Hugs to you.

  2. I love American Gods too. I have to read Stardust (?) before the movie comes out. I bet a lot of non-Gaiman fans are laughing at DeNiro in those previews. I bet a lot of Gaiman fans are also laughing, he looks silly.
    The teenage girl inside of me loves RH:PoT more than I can say. "I Do It for You" and Bryan Adams still share a similar love because of that movie. I'll take any Christian Slater I can get. Additionally, the Moors were black so Morgan Freeman isn't really a huge stretch.
    Sorry you can't get to Dayton but I did just secure the promise of quarters from Logan if I came to Chitown for Lollapalooza so I'm giving you an 85% chance of seeing me in August.

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