So I’m back from Girl’s Weekend: Seattle.  It was awesome to spend time with Steph and Warren again!  We did some walking around downtown and went to a big open market where they throw fish, went on a boat tour around Elliot’s Bay/Puget Sound, and went up in the Space Needle.  Then Saturday night we dressed up for our “fancy dinner”, and I got to wear that black dress again.  Yay!  And since Steph is pregnant (with a girl) we talked about baby names.  I’ve decided that I love the name Eden.  I guess I just like “E” girl names, ’cause I also love Emma.

During the boat tour they talked about one of the oldest buildings in Seattle and how inside it there is an Oriental chair, handed down from some emperor or another and, according to legend, if a single girl sits in it, she will be engaged or married within the year.  Of course, since I’m the only single girl in our little troupe, I was teased about it.  After the tour we walked to Johnny Rockets for lunch and I saw some money on the sidewalk–$11.  Then, after lunch, our waitress gave me 50% off my bill.  Just me.  And I even double-checked with her and she told me not to worry about it.
Me: “Well, hey this must be my lucky day.”
Steph: “Yeah, let’s go get you in that chair.”

I gotta say, as much as I enjoy living in Chicago, I love leaving it.  I feel lighter, somehow.  I can’t really explain it in a way that people won’t think I’m crazy, but there’s a difference.  I’ve noticed it the last few times I’ve left the city for some reason or other.

But I digress.  We’ve decided to do this Girl’s Weekend thing once a year.  Next year will be Chicago, which is fine by me as I won’t need airfare.  Plusit’ll be an excuse to do touristy things that I never do because I live here.  I still haven’t been to the history museum, which is a sort of shame.  And I think a boat tour here would be pretty sweet.

A friends-only picture post will follow today or tomorrow–whenever I get the pictures cropped and uploaded.  Oh, and did you know that within a 5-mile radius of downtown Seattle there are over 500 Starbucks?  And that’s just Starbucks.  We’re not talking about all the other coffeehouses (and there are a lot of ’em).  These people are pure caffeine.

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  1. I spent the whole flight home reading the baby name book! If I ever get pregnant, I'm prepared!
    My pics will be on Facebook and Flickr soon.

    • Warren, I don't know about the Flickr thing. I mean, if I go with Flickr I'm going to need to move all my Photobucket pictures over (cause I don't want two of these sorts of things) and that means I'd have to go through every post and update the links on any pictures…

      • Blah. I had the same concerns when I switched, but I didn't have a whole lot at Photobucket at that point, so I decided to make a clean break. I didn't move over any Photobucket pics.
        You could always just sign up for an account and see what you think. You don't have to actually do anything with it.
        Upsides to Flickr: better layout, social networking capabilities (you can friend other users), and your pics have constant URLs even if you decide to arrange them differently (so no broken links if you change how you group your pictures).

  2. Hey this is Holly
    Stephanie is pregnant again! I need her phone number! I lost it…of course she could call me if she wanted to. Nevermind, but tell her congratulations for me when you talk to her again. Tell Warren Hi, too.

  3. Congrats for getting out and having a good time. Taking the time to enjoy a new city with old friends – good stuff.
    It was only when I had friends or family from out of town that I realized how little of Chicago I had actually seen though I lived there. Get out there, girl!
    I LOVE the art museum, though sadly I never made it to the museum of contemporary art. Love both history museums though I'm more of an art guy when it comes to walking around for hours staring at stuff that doesn't move. Oh and The Lincoln Park zoo is FREE and a really good zoo.
    Navy Pier can lick my left one. I hate that place. But every time my mom was in town, she wanted to go there. Meh.
    There is so much to Chicago that you can live there your whole life and not experience it all. I'm sure any great city is that way.
    We've been lamenting how little we've gone to do/see out here. Granted, we live on the beach. Don't need much else. But there are a lot of things within 20 miles that are super cool we've never seen. Gonna try to get back to the exploratory spirit.

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