Season’s Greetings

I seriously don’t understand people and this PS3 imbecility.

Here’s a reason.
Here’s another.
Too bad time’s out–you could have won this!!

I see stuff like this and I think, “Dear God what is wrong with these people?!”  They are going crazy over something that will A.) Within two months be on every store shelf all over the world (not to mention cheaper), and B.) Be obsolete in two years by the newer-and-even-more-improved next generation console.

And I’m really disappointed with Sony.  They not only launched a system before they had enough to meet demands, but the console itself is incredibly faulty.  According to my knowledgeable GameStop source, it isn’t even compatible with a majority of the newer HD televisions and it won’t play up to 8,000 previous PS2 and One titles.  So yeah, thanks for nothing, Sony–unless riots and shootings count as something.

One thought on “Season’s Greetings

  1. $10,000????????
    I hope it cooks for him, feeds his pets and does his laundry.
    I feel like there is someone at Sony laughing his ass off because of the inevitable bugs inherent in first generation products.
    Also, the Gabestop or EB or whatever is near my parents' house was robbed at midnight on Thursday. 5 PS3s stolen in less than 5 minutes by two gunmen (I want to say "armed gunmen" but it seems redundant). If they're selling them for 10K, I say that's a good night's work.

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