So ever since I was a little girl I had this weird fascination with Sea-Monkeys.  What were they?  Were they really alive?  This wasn’t an intense fascination, otherwise I would have just researched the topic in a library or on the internet to answer my questions, but whatever.  Today I bought Sea-Monkeys to discover, once and for all, what they are exactly.

The little aquarium thing is an “on the moon” mini-world  A moon that is green and home to orange aliens.  I read all the instructions carefully.  I boiled the water for the tank and am fully prepared for tomorrow’s manual-aeration procedure.  Then I thought, “let’s look on Wikipedia for more information on these fascinating creatures” and discovered they look like this!  AGGHHHHH!!!!!  I am just hoping that picture was taken under a, like, million-timed magnification.   ‘Cause if that’s what I’m going to see in my green-moon-with-orange-aliens-aquarium, I’m no longer interested.

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