So I want to move to Scotland.

There are several reasons for this:  Scotland is a beautiful country, where the language barrier would be considerably less of an undertaking than that of, say, Russia or Zimbabwe.  I love Scottish accents.  Also, living in the U.S. annoys me.  And it would be an adventure!

Paige expressed similar interest in living in Europe, but she wasn’t sure about Scotland.  She needs to live somewhere where she can get steady animation work (seeing as that’s her major).  We did some Googling and found out that Scotland does indeed have a burgeoning animation industry.  And that one of her Favorite Animators of All Time works out of Edinburgh.

So now Paige is on board with my “Moving to Scotland” plan.  We can’t leave until Fall of 2008 though, because that is when she finishes school.  I figure I can do masters work through a university there.  Or maybe start here and transfer.  I should look into that.

Another reason I’d like to move: I want to marry a great Scottish bear of a man.  Living in Scotland can only be conducive to this.

4 thoughts on “Scotland

  1. I have a feeling you'd get a lot of visitors from the States. What are the visa requirements like? Can you just move there? What kinds of jobs do they let foreigners work? Can John and I visit? 😉

    • My research has not been extensive at this point, but I would need both a visa and a work permit. Or perhaps, I can go to school and get a student permit, which might be easier than a work permit. But yes, I need to research it. I'm going to try for the hotel industry and write part-time, very much was I do here.
      And yes, you and John will visit. 🙂

  2. I go to Edinburgh about 2 times a year. 🙂 I must agree with you, Scottish men are THE BEST! 🙂 I too, would like to move to Scotland, but that's so I can be with my husband. 🙂 If you do find out things about moving there and feel like posting them I'd be eager to learn more, tho I need to pay off some debts here before I move.

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