Satan Calling

Last night I received the best wrong number call ever.

Guy: “Hey [unclear] this is [couldn’t hear the name].”
Me: “What?”
Guy: “Sara, it’s Satan!”  (He was speaking in a mildly “Satanic” voice, which was why I couldn’t understand him the first time.)
Me: [I laughed] “You’ve got the wrong number.”
Guy: “Satan doesn’t dial wrong numbers!  I’m here for Jay’s soul!  Can I have it?”
Me: “Uh, sure.”
Guy: “Then give it to me!”
Me: “I don’t know how to do that over the phone.”
Guy: “Ah yes.  No, Sara, it’s me–Matt.  Am I calling at a bad time?”
Me: “No.  But you’ve still got the wrong number.”
Guy: “What?  I do?”
Me: “There’s no Sara here.”
Guy: “So I guess I should hang up and redial the number correctly, huh?”
Me:  “If you want to talk to Sara, then yes.”
Guy: “Okay, sorry to bother you.”
Me: “Believe me, no bother.”

One thought on “Satan Calling

  1. and I was sitting next to her the whole time, hearing only her side of the conversation. It was pretty hysterical — moreso when I found out what was going on on the other end…

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