Sarcasm, Cynicism, and an Apology

I’m reading a book about boundaries and tonight was convicted regarding conflicts with other people: “Never say to a third party something about someone that you do not plan to say to that person himself.”

I owe all of you, being my third party, an apology for not adhering to this sage advice.  I had made some angry comments about a particular person in a previous post–comments that should not have been made and have since been deleted.  While I do agree that a degree of venting is an important way to maintain sanity, I think there’s a line and I crossed it.  I am sorry.

In holly-jollier news, I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping.  The fact that the two hardest people on my list, Tim and my dad, are completely taken care of is very encouraging.  Lovely.

I’m eager for the arrival of Sunday; I need a break.

Also, I’m slowly confirming this spurt of cynicism.  I recently watched “Jack and Sarah” a slightly older movie about a man whose wife dies in childbirth and he must learn to love again.  I rolled my eyes at the end.  I think that a year or even several months ago I would not have.  Cynthia believes Tim’s cynicism is rubbing off on me.  Well, I’d like it to stop, please.  I personally liked the more happy-go-lucky, idealist I used to be; she was plucky.  Then again, “happy-go-lucky” doesn’t really sound like me, past or present, does it?

I’ve been listening to Alanis’ Feast on Scraps CD a lot lately.  The song that’s been stuck in my head for several days is called “Bent for You” (great song) and goes a litlte something like this:
I have bent for you and I’ve deprived for you and I’m done
I have depressed for you and contorted for you and I’m done
I have stifled for you and I’ve compromised for you and I’m done
I have silenced for you and sacrificed for you and I’m done

My draft was autosaved at 5:10:39 AM.  Thank goodness!  I was really worried.

One thought on “Sarcasm, Cynicism, and an Apology

  1. Although I also believe in LJ as the ultimate venting tool, that's probably a good rule of thumb (hehe, Boondock Saints). Anyway, that does sound like a good Alanis song. Merry Christmas!

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