Ruining People’s Lives… and Positivity!

So I haven’t posted lately because the thing that I would have posted about I felt uncomfortable posting about.  How is that for a confusing and vague sentence?  Anyway, I have been convicted recently to be more serious about my religion.  Please don’t read that and think I’m joining a cult or nunnery or something.  Just that for the last few years I haven’t been reading my Bible, or going to church, or anything like that.  I am starting to do those things again.

It has been a good experience, and timed well with things I am learning in my individual counseling sessions.  For instance, one thing my counselor is always telling me is to reduce the negative self-talk.  Speaking more positively, both about myself and about the circumstances around me.

For example, I have been done on myself about my book (even though I am really proud of it) telling myself that I probably won’t get an agent and it will never get published.  Talking with my counselor went a little something like this:

Me: I do that so if the book does get rejected, it won’t hurt so bad.
Counselor: But it will still be pretty crushing if it gets rejected right?  Or will it not bother you at all?
Me: No, I will be pretty crushed.
Counselor: So if you will be crushed either way, why not be positive up to that point?  I think there is something to putting positivity out there.

She makes a lot of good points.

The church I am “attending” online (some day to be attending in person) is starting a new series this Sunday called “Crash the Chatterbox” which is based on a book by the same name by Steven Furtick.  It talks about the negative self-talk and how to combat it.  The book is very good.  The timing is pretty great.

So that’s what I’ve been working on lately.  More positivity and more gratitude.  The book talked about how we view a circumstance can affect how we feel about it.  For example, if you see your job as dead-end, then it will feel like a dead-end job.  If you see it as a training ground and a way to provide for your needs, then you can feel more positively about it and be more grateful for it.  This is something Mr. W has tried to talk to me about time and time again, but I don’t think I was ready to hear it then.  Hell, I am still not entirely ready, but I’m trying.

That’s something that has been really helpful to me lately, and hopefully it can be helpful to you too.  If you are interested, you can pick up the book “Crash the Chatterbox” or watch the 5-week sermon series (starts this Sunday) here. (You can watch live at 10am central or watch later… they post videos of everything afterward.)

If you aren’t religious at all and skimmed over the last few paragraphs, hey that’s fine too.  Everyone can benefit from being positive and have more gratitude.  Another book, which is not religious, but is referenced in “Crash the Chatterbox” and also deals with the same issues is called “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield.  Haven’t read it but it looks good.  I will definitely be picking it up at some point.

In other news, my friend Paige turned me on to the game Everyday Misanthrope.  It’s a fun little text-based game where you get fifty misery points and have to use them to ruin as many people’s lives in a single day as you possibly can.  I ruined 64 lives and challenge you to beat me.  You can download it for free here.  And you should.

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  1. I laughed that your whole post was about positivity, and then in your final paragraph, you gleefully told us about a game that helps you ruin people’s lives.

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