Road Trip!

So Tim and I are in the planning stages of a road trip to lovely Dayton. Or at least, I’m in the planning stages and have gotten Tim to agree that it’d be fun and he’d share the cost of going.

I’m researching both cheap flights and cheap car rentals. If Tim ends up coming with me, renting a car would be cheaper. If I’m going alone, flying would be cheaper. So we’ll see. I’m keeping an eye on both. There’s also the pros and cons of each method of transport to consider: driving we’d have 4.5 hours of traffic, while flying home we’d arrive in Chicago ten minutes before leaving Dayton. Finally something about Central Time pays off.

I’d like this trip to take place sometime within the next month or two. I am crazy-excited. I haven’t seen any of you Dayton people since last May. It’ll do me good, I’ve no doubt.

I am currently working on draft two of my book. I’m about 3/4 the way through typing it all out and it’s approximately 27,500 words. Novellas max at 40,000. I’m trying! With the third draft will come some character and plot expansion, but I’m a little worried. Of course, when Tim needed to add some length to a screenplay I suggested adding a random car chase. Perhaps that could work for me as well… ::scratches chin thoughtfully:: Maybe two random car chases. And a boat chase.

6 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. Draft two!? Self-motivation kicks ass!
    How about a car chase, a boat chase, and then a climactic car-boat chase.
    And you can interpret "car-boat" however you want.

  2. I agree that a helicopter chase would be good. John Woo kinda did the boat chase thing in Face/Off and he's really good at those. How about … a unicycle chase? You NEVER see those.

  3. maybe a monkey chase?
    If you drive….maybe your demon machine could get dropped off when you drive through Ft. Wayne?
    Otherwise, i gotta find 20 dollars to give you to ship it. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Tim will probably stay at his house. Um, I'll probably stay at Steph's. As for what we'll do… I haven't the foggiest. Spend time with you is on the list. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'd like to go to Basore too, see people there. I have no real plans at this point.

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