I feel like I’ve been gone a lot longer than four days. But that could also be because I’m pretty freakin’ tired. I have pictures from South Carolina to post, but it will have to be another day.

My parents got me a digital camera for my birthday. Everyone I know is now going to be so annoyed by the sheer volume of pictures I will be taking at all times. This is your warning. You will not be spared. Speaking of people I know–Josh, Cynthia, Paige, and Tim went in and bought me a new iPod. (Mine finally went completely and undeniably kaput a few days before my trip.) Thank you again, guys. I am really, really grateful.

Josh got a job offer in San Diego and is seriously considering the move. He asked Tim if he would come. Tim replied that he wouldn’t go without me. I have to admit that the idea of picking up and starting somewhere new does sound appealing. I’ve been jumping around so much the past ten years that it almost feels foreign to have lived in Chicago for as long as I have. But it’s all the way over in San Diego. I told Tim I’m going to have to think about it.

And now I’ll leave you with two of the pictures I took at Lolla.
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See how close I was to Snow Patrol? Yay!
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Tomorrow I’m going to a 311 concert with Paige and Liz. I don’t know how close we’ll be, but I will take pictures.

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