I love Coldplay.  However, it might not be the best thing to listen to when I’ve had a couple drinks and am feeling a little down.  Now I’m just downright depressed.

This is to everyone and no one:  I’m not as helpless, innocent, or weak as you think I am.  I won’t break.  I know this because I’ve had past opportunities to do so but did not; I’m still here.

On an unrelated note…

You can’t police respect.  You can’t demand it.  You may not necessarily even be entitled to it.

A guest called with a noise complaint, saying his neighbor was too loud.  Security asked the neighbor to quiet it down.  Minutes later the guest calls again, and yells at me, because now his neighbor is loudly watching a porn movie.  The guest says that this is unacceptable.  He chews me out because this other guest is making it impossible for him to sleep.

At what point did that become my (or the hotel’s) problem?  Yes, this guest paid such-and-such dollars to sleep in that room.  His neighbor paid the same exact amount to be able to watch a porn movie in his own room.  I offered to move the guest to another room, but he didn’t want to move–he wants the price of his room to be adjusted.  Newsflash:  You are not entitled to monetary compensation because someone has no respect for you.  Yes, we should have respect for our fellow man, and yes, we should treat others as we would like to be treated.  But guess what?  This neighbor doesn’t.

And it is not my job to make him.

12 thoughts on “Respect

  1. Hmmm…
    I often try to get money back or bills reduced for being inconvenienced. But only when it's the company in question's fault. It's hardly the hotel's fault that someone is being obnoxious.
    Of course, you could have offered to throw the other guy out. 😛
    Hope your day gets better.

    • Totally. If the ceiling fell into the guest's room or a pipe burst and he could no longer sleep because water was showering his bed, then I could see the hotel giving some (or a whole freaking lot) of monetary compensation. I just get pissed when they want money for something I have no control over. Or when they want special favors–that also makes me angry.
      Me: "Tonight's rate is $119 plus tax."
      Them: "Think you could hook me up with a special rate?"
      Me: "Tonight's rate is $119 plus tax."

      • Oh, a special rate.
        In that case, tonight's rate is 150$ plus tax.
        That stuff comes from irresponsible news casts. They report on all these hidden discounts that hotels (and other places have) that they won't give out unless you ask for them.
        Are there hidden discounts I should know about?

        • Not at my hotel. I can tell you rates go down in the winter time and also during a week day.
          But since you're you, and I like you, if you stayed in the hotel I'd say you were a cousin or something and you'd get my employee rate. There's no better deal in town. Well, actually, you could crash in my living room for free–so I guess that'd be the best rate.

          • nothing beats free.
            unless it comes with cash.
            but not if you buy something and it comes with cash, cuz then it's not free, is it?
            But in short, I like your living room idea. But there'd be 3 of us if I ever came to visit. Not sure your living room would like the 3 year old so much.
            funny how we're so close, but we never see each other. that's sad.

          • Well, we have two couches–and one of them is a pull-out bed.
            And yes. It is sad. If the Chicago Transit System went out to Ft. Wayne, I'd be over a lot more often. 🙂

          • and if Fort Wayne had a transit system…I'd probably use it to get to work.
            We'll have to plan a trip to Chicago when the weather warms up. It will be up to you to find a family friendly (remember the toddler) place for us to meet, hang out, and chill, all at the same time.

  2. I agree with the above, if it's the establishment's fault that one's experience is flawed, then they deserve some compenstation but being placed next to somebody who's using their night in a hotel room to watch porn is just a possibility you have to be ready for if you stay in a hotel.
    Some people go to hotels to get laid or watch porn. Others go to hotels for business and require sleep. The hotel should do the best it can to make sure those cross-purposed people don't interfere with each other. An offer of another room should have sufficed. It's not like hotels can have a business wing, a family on vacation wing, and a meeting my mistress/prostitute or watching porn wing.
    I don't like Coldplay except for Yellow and whatever song is on the Garden State soundtrack. I can see how it would make you feel worse. When I was dumped, I just wanted to listen to Dashboard Confessional all the time but it always made me sadder or made the sadness more present. I don't know what drives us to match our moods. You'd think we'd want to listen to something happy when we're sad.

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