Resolutions Update

So I’ve been doing my weight loss “regime” for three full months.  I am pleased with some things, and very not pleased with some others.  First off, here are some of the things I’ve been doing:

**Low-fat, low-sodium diet
**Counting calories, staying at or belowmy target.
**Working out in the gym at work 3-5x per week for 45 minutes, alternating between the bicycle, stair machine, and treadmill.
**Doing additional yoga/strength training/aerobics through the Wii Fit at home.  I aim to do this daily but probably average 3x a week.
**Quit drinking soda–drink water or low-sugar fruit juices. [I do, however, still drink one cup of coffee every morning.] **Reduced portion sizes.
I see the change in muscle tone throughout my body and that pleases me.  I also feel better and have more energy.  Another yay.  However I haven’t lost a single pound.  In fact, I have gained five pounds since the start of the year (which is probably muscle-related, but still).  This annoys me greatly.
On the plus side, at least I am eliminating variables. I believe the problem is my metabolism.  I’ve been researching ways to increase your metabolism and, in addition to everything I’m already doing, I have several things to add:
**Eat small meals [high in protein] every 2-3 hours.  This means I will be eating 5x per day between 8:30a and 8:30p.  [I think this is going to be the hardest for me because I hate eating.  In my mind it seems counterproductive to eat more times throughout the day, as I see food as the reason I am overweight in the first place.]
**Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.  [I’m not quite sure how to balance this because “they” say not to eat at least 3 hours before bedtime.  In order to eat enough meals, I need to eat at 8:30 but in order to get enough sleep I need to be in bed by 9:30/10:00.]
**Take daily fiber supplements.  [Your body can’t break down fiber, but it sure spends a lot of calories trying.]
**Spend time on weight training for my upper body.
We’ll see where I am in another three months.  I’ve decided if a year of eating right and exercise doesn’t get this extra weight off, I’m either going anorexic or getting liposuction come January 2010.  The anorexia would be considerably cheaper, and Paige has promised to throw my ass into rehab once I’ve crossed into the “danger zone”.  Everyone wins!  [I am kidding.  Mostly.]

One thought on “Resolutions Update

  1. Nutrisystem
    Hi Teroo.. hehe jk,
    I highly recommend Nutrisystem. I have also been working to loose weight the last three months. I have lost 50+ thus far, I tend to go down about 1-2 lbs a day as well. I have increased my activity some and plan to continue to do so but not working out at gym level. More on par to your Wii fit usage. The best part I think about Nutrisystem is that: 1) your food shopping becomes what veggies/healthy foods can I add to it. 2) You appetite is greatly reduced. Feel free to call me if you like as I always enjoy hearing from you. I wish you luck in our shared goal. Weirdly from your post I think you may almost be exercising too much. Thus gaining muscle to counter weight loss. Thought I would touch base and wish you the best. Take care awesome Teri.
    Your cuz,

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