Remember the 90s?!

We listen to the radio at night at work.  There’s a pretty good mix station I usually set it on and this weekend is an all-90s weekend.  I started out in a pretty bad mood because of a fire escape enthusiast (more details below) but thanks to this radio station, all is well now.

Here’s a sampling of the lovliness I’ve been hearing.  Ah, 90s, how I’ve missed you.
mummer’s dance – loreena mckennit
one more time – brittany spears
the difference – wallflowers
december – collective soul
dizz knee land – dada
follow you down – gin blossoms
song 2 – blur
big empty – stone temple pilots
everything falls apart – dog’s eye view
save tonight – eagle eye cherry
zoot suit riot – cherry poppin’ daddies
u can’t touch this – mc hammer

We’ve had a couple guests tonight who really take the cake, “God-I-wish-I-could-just-smack-them”-wise.  I checked in one lady and shortly thereafter received a call from her room.

Guest: “Yes, I make a habit of checking for the fire escape whenever I stay in a hotel and I couldn’t find one.  Where is the fire escape?”

They don’t put fire escapes on the map I have at the front desk, so I transferred her to security so they could inform her.  Two minutes later…

Guest: “The fire escape is too far away from my room.  I need a room on a lower floor (she was on 9) and very close to a fire escape.”

Good God, woman.  Paranoid much?

I’m not even going to get started on the horrible woman who was routed here due to plane delays and complained about everything she could think of including, but not limited to: how high up her room was, room service being closed, and having to call herself to place a pizza order.

In funnier news, Paige got a drunken admirer tonight.  Two guys, too drunk to even order pizza for themselves, gave her eight bucks for calling and ordering for them.  One of them then asked if she’d deliver the pizza to their room naked.  Apparently he kept making growling noises during the conversation.  I didn’t hear what was said, but I saw them leaving the desk and all I can say is, “Well done, Paige.  I have taught you well.”  Ah, it just wouldn’t be a Friday night without at least one drunken proposition for sex.

What do you think?