What is important to me and how do I make that a focus in my life?

This question has been on my mind recently, mostly brought on from reading “Beyond Band of Brothers” by Major Dick Winters.  He talks about how much his life and priorities changed from his experience in WWII.  Things that he used to think of as important became inconsequential.  It made me wonder what in my life is really trivial and how I might do something about it.

I think the main way to cut out the things that don’t matter is to identify what is and is not important to you.  Then live accordingly.  So what’s truly important to me?
1. My Faith
2. Friends/Family
3. Financial Stability/Job
4. Writing/Reading
5. Health

Spending money on things that aren’t important to me inhibit me from spending money on things that are important to me.  Also, filling my life with things not on the above list leaves me feeling cluttered and weighed down.

I have a strong urge to declutter some of my life.  And I think I’ll go with it.  I can think of some clothes, computer games, movies, and cds that I do not require.  There are cds on my shelf that I can’t remember the last time they were played–it’s been that long.  Why keep them?

When I get home there’s going to be a major downsize.  Just thinking about it makes my heart go pitter-pat.

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