Rebel Without a Cause

Tim: “I told them I’m not going to do that.  We have a policy, and I’m sticking to it.”

Me: “Yeah, that sounds like you.  You’re all ‘But it’s a RULE.  You don’t break RULES!’  Me, I’d be like, ‘Eh, all right.'”
Tim: “It’s not that you break them–you’re more ‘What? There were rules?'”
Me: “Good thing I’m filled with a fear of consequences, eh?”
Tim: “Keeps you honest.”

It’s true.  I don’t follow rules because they’re rules, or because I’m a “good girl”.  I follow rules because I fear the consequence if I do not.  And sometimes not even then, if I feel: 1.) the consequence won’t be that bad, or 2.) I can get away with it.  Having also been given talents for reading people and lying, I get away with a lot.  This is probably a bad thing.

I only mention this because it goes against the outward persona I’ve developed (which–bonus!–helps me get away with more) and people seem to be surprised when they glimpse this side of Teri.
A recent example of this would be The Bean picture when Josh and Cynthia visited.  The three of us were walking around and I saw The Bean and thought, “Eh, I have tons of pictures of that…don’t need another one.”  That’s when Josh said, “You know people aren’t allowed to take pictures of that anymore?  It’s trademarked.”  Naturally, I replied, “Get on up there.  It’s picture time!”So there’s something about me that maybe you didn’t know.  I hate rules.  And I’ll break them if given the opportunity.  For no reason.

2 thoughts on “Rebel Without a Cause

  1. I almost always follow the rules. I chalk it up to being a good citizen but it's mostly because I hate people who break rules. Everytime I am in a situation and I see a person break some rule just to gain maybe a few seconds of time I think, "What? You think you're better than everybody else? You think that sign is there for everybody BUT you? Your time is more important than mine, dick?"
    I would totally take a picture of "the bean" though. Screw that!

    • Reading your comment I'm getting a mental image of people waiting in line because of a sign and someone cutting around it. Now, that's a rule I would follow, because the consequence in not would be getting those dirty looks from people like you–and I don't want that. 🙂

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