Realism: Just Say No

I know he’s a fictional character and blahblahblah, but I am hopelessly in love with Jim Halpert from The Office.  He’s hilarious with all his pranks and has that boy-next-door-cute thing going on rather than a hit-you-over-the-head-with-hotness thing which, in my book, is preferable.  Do you suppose it’s possible to add a fictional character to “The List”?  It’s not like it lessens its realism or anything–the odds of my sleeping with Michael Vartan are probably pretty comparable to those of my sleeping with Jim Halpert.  I’ve accepted this.

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Speaking of fictional characters, here are some words of wisdom from The Ninja:
–“You can’t sneak up on someone when covered in crunchy pasta.”
–“You need to give your child a handful of death every day and say, ‘Eat up.  That’s life.'”
–And lastly, a Ninja Limerick,
“There once was a ninja from Nantucket
Who kept all his swords in a bucket
He started to spin and exclaimed with a grin
‘When I let this thing go you’d best duck it.'”
And now a random list.  Things Teri Hates the Smell of (besides the usual “dead things” or “baby poop”):
-Maple Syrup
-Melted Butter

11 thoughts on “Realism: Just Say No

    • Great freakin’ idea!

      Okay, here’s mine: (I think it’s sad that for my list of real life guys I have a hard time thinking of five, and for fictional, I have a hard time narrowing it down…)
      1. Jim Halpert – The Office
      2 Jamie Fraser – Outlander book series
      3. Michael Vaughn – Alias
      4. Chandler Bing – Friends
      5. Mr. Darcy – Pride & Prejudice

      • I’m with you on Darcy. I think I’d include Gambit from the X-Men, but on top of being fictional he’s a drawing, so that throws in a whole new twist.

        • Oh Lord, I would so get with Gambit. I was extremely disappointed that he never showed up in any of the films. I guess they already had a brooding “I don’t know if I should really be a good guy” character but, if they introduced Gambit, they could have had a charming one with a sense of humor.

  1. Wow. You hate the smell of leather? It’s one of my favorite smells!! (of course, I also like the smell of skunk, in small, non-permanent portions)

    Banana and butter I agree with, though. In high school chem, we used butyric acid, which smelled like rotten bananas. Still can’t get the feeling out of my body when I think about it.

    Ergh!!! Gotta go find my leather jacket to counteract…….!!!!!!!!!

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