Rants on Celebrity

I have a top five list of male celebrities. I also have pictures on my computer of those five celebrities, which my screen saver rotates through. There was a picture of Ewan McGregor that appeared on the screen and usually I’m just, you know, looking at Ewan McGregor. But today I looked at the quote that was inset in the picture. It’s a quote from Ewan and is as follows: “War should be the last resort, but if you’re going to do it, you should really do it properly.”

Well thanks for clearing that up. The Pentagon thanks you, sir, for the new strategy.

This picture and quote came from an article about his role in Black Hawk Down where he played a military officer during the war in Somalia. But does his role in a (bad) war movie qualify him for making statements about war?

My point is this: Why do we give celebrities clout in areas where they’ve done nothing to deserve it? So you starred in a movie. That’s great. I’ll buy it on DVD and spend an evening being entertained by it, but that doesn’t mean I want to hear you speak on the depletion of the rain forest or our economic decline. I’ll leave that to people with degrees in those fields and do that stuff for a living, thank you.

3 thoughts on “Rants on Celebrity

  1. Well, if he was in an interview, somebody asked him that question so it's not like he's Bono and just doin' it on his own. I think that celebrities get asked about stuff because people want to know … some people at least. You develop a relationship with your favorite celebrities. Just as I want to know what you guys think about a certain topic, I might be interested in say, what Matt Damon thinks.
    Other celebrities feel they should "use their power for good." Angelina Jolie uses her celebrity to raise awareness for starving kids in Africa. She's pretty much saying, "As long as you're enjoying my smoking body and pouty lips, why don't you do me a favor and donate some money to debt relief?"
    A lot of times, celebrities are approached to be the face for a certain cause. I doubt Jessica Simpson knows anything about repairing cleft palates in children of third world countries but she just appeared in DC on behalf of Operation Smile.
    There are a lot of charities out there and they all need money. If a charity is attached to a "name" then that charity is going to get mentioned when whatever "name" stops by their fundraiser. This raises awareness for the cause.

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