Random Things

No writing prompt today, my head is killing me because I thought it would be all right for me to have a can of caffeinated soda on Saturday.  Guess what?  Not all right.  You’d think that I would learn by now.

But I still have to write something, because I have to write everyday. That means it’s ramblin’ time.

Went bra shopping today because the underwire popped through on my favorite bra.  Until now I have always gotten my bras at Victoria Secret, but I am starting to think that they are all a bunch of crazy people.  The bra I love and bought from them about two years ago was discontinued.  I was looking at some others, but I have a weird size that isn’t usually available.  They didn’t have any in the store.  That’s when the lady suggested I try my “sister size”.

This sister size stuff is nonsense.  She gave me a bra that was a cup size bigger and a band smaller.  That was my sister size.  Well, sister, that shit doesn’t fit.  I barely fill my current cup size [thank you push up bras!], I certainly don’t need some crazy lady telling me to go up a cup.

Then we went grocery shopping, and it was $2.35 for a freakin’ tomato.  It wasn’t even an organic tomato, or a tomato cultivated by tiny elves, which is the sort of thing I would have expected for $2.35.  Prices for everything have been rising at my grocery store–have you noticed similar things at yours?  Maybe my grocery store is just trying to scam me.  We did buy the tomato, afterall.

All I can say is it had better be $2.35-worth of unbridled tomato ecstasy, damnit.

2 thoughts on “Random Things

  1. It wasn't Whole Foods, was it. 🙂

    Brad and I get really cheap (and decent quality) produce out here at "Food 4 Less". It's pretty much Aldi, but I think it's owned by the Kroger people, because they have some Kroger brand stuff.

    Brad says a tomato there would be about 50 cents…

    (I know Aldi has a stigma attached to it, but it really is a low-cost way to shop, and you can find some good stuff.)

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