Random Stuff. Yay!

*The New Guy randomly quit.  Not cool in general terms of the hotel and increased third-shift work load, but super-super great for my introverted tendencies.  Yay!

*Because my manager loves me, I can still have some days off to go home, despite being short a person.  I’ll be home over my birthday, August 6th ’til the 10th.  Yay!

*Mike-the-Bellman just burned me a copy of Diablo (this one’s for you, AJ).  I’ve never played it before.  Yay!

*Last night Paige, Tim, Josh, and I started a new roleplaying game called Mutants & Masterminds wherein you get to be superheros.  I am running the game, which is a little confusing and even more daunting.  But last night seemed to go well, despite the fact that no one really understood how combat worked.  It’s a learning process.  Half-a-yay.

4 thoughts on “Random Stuff. Yay!

  1. Make you laugh?
    I read this and my brain (at 9:30 in the morning) saw "despite being a short person." And I thought, "what's being short have to do with going home over her birthday?" And then, "wait! Teri's not short! What *is* that?" Of course, then I re-read it, and I got it. Silly brain.
    I used to play Marvel Superheroes in college. I remember it being fun. That was a LONG time ago, though (like 20 years!).

  2. Ah, M&M is fun…though the system is considered by some to be not so great. It's all about what you put into it, I think. Just remember that you're not married to the rules — as gm you can do whatever you dang well want, thank you very much. 🙂

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