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So I should probably update this thing.  Let’s see….

**I like the haircut.  And it’s getting a good response from everyone.  I know guys always claim that they like longer hair on women, but I get a hell of a lot more attention with this short cut than I ever did when it was long.  I’ve only had the cut for a week now and already two guys have asked me the time on the subway, and one guy randomly introduced himself to me at work in the elevator.  “Hey I’m [name]…I’ve seen you around the office before…”
**Paige is finished with her quarter today and so she and I are going out for a crazy, wacky night on the town to celebrate.  “Crazy, wacky night on the town” meaning we’re gonna pop over to a local bar for a drink or two.  But I will make sure to put on a little eye makeup–that ups the crazy-night-on-the-town factor.  Oh, maybe I can wear some heels.
**The apartment search has started again.  I know it’s a little early; I’m just trying to get some ideas together of what everyone wants and how much it’s going to cost us.  Oh, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but Paige, Tim, and I are all gonna live together.  Yay fun!  We’re going to stay in the same general area, but want to get a little closer to Wicker Park.  ‘Cause it’s a super cool area.  And had a movie named after it–who doesn’t like that?
**I just bought the new Alanis album off iTunes.  I am really liking it.  I love how with each new album she changes her style while not really changing her style at all.  She is just cool.

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