Purchasing Furniture

I tried switching the computer mouse to be a left-handed one [I am left-handed] and had to give up after about an hour.  Using the mouse in my left hand is clumsier because it’s just not used to it.  So I felt like I was mousing through molasses.  Also, I was forgetting random things, though this could be equally contributed to the fact that I am slightly sleep-deprived.

Either way, it’s a right-handed mouse again.  Maybe I can try on another day when I am not so tired.

Yesterday Mr. W and I went to IKEA to buy a dining table.  The one we currently have was taken from a closed business for free and can comfortably accomodate one person.  Maybe one and a half.  It could get pretty crowded for both Mr. W and myself and you can forget about hosting a board game night at our place.  But no longer!  Our current table, while not huge, is still laughably large in our little kitchen.  I want to say the table is about 2 feet wide and 4 feet long, but I have no concept of dimensions based on reality.  I don’t recommend taking my word for it on this.  It’s weird because I am good at spatial things.  I can eyeball something and tell you if it will fit in a certain space, but I couldn’t accurately tell you how many inches or feet it was to save my life.

We also purchased a new bed frame in an attempt to foil the cats.  That probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, so I will explain.  The cats ripped a whole in the underside of the box springs and like to climb inside and sleep in there.  Of course, before sleeping they have to be as noisy as possible getting in and out and getting comfortable.  This is very annoying when you are trying to sleep.  And I’m sure it is also some sort of physical danger to the cats.  A second reason we need a new frame is because our current one squeaks loudly at the slightest movement.  [I move around a lot in my sleep.]  We went to a different furniture store [we don’t trust IKEA with something like that] and found a bed that has wide slats running across the bottom.  There is no way the cats can fit through them, so take that felines!  We win!  Or, rather, we will win on Friday when the frame is delivered!

What do you think?