Punching and Slacking

To top things off, some non-Teri news:

“A South Side teenage mother who authorities said no longer wanted a baby because she couldn’t go to parties was held on $600,000 bond Wednesday on charges that she drowned her 5-month-old daughter in a bathtub earlier this month.”

“A man randomly attacked six people, including WLS-Ch. 7 news anchor Cheryl Burton, on Loop streets Wednesday evening, Chicago police said.”

That second one strikes me as bizarre timing because Paige and I just had a conversation in which she wanted to run up to random people on the street and punch them–just to see what would happen.  If the article hadn’t specifically said “man” I would have tried to call her to make sure that, you know, she wasn’t being held in jail on assault charges.

And in Teri-news:
Today was a great day, in that I didn’t do much of anything.  I had a computer problem at work and spent several hours on and off the phone with an IT guy.  When we first started talking I thought to myself, “Man, he has a cute voice.”  Later I began to wonder, “Is he flirting with me?”  I’m really bad with the flirting thing so just the fact that I was starting to wonder if he was makes me think that he probably was.

Him: “Cool, let’s take a look here…and I realize that I’m saying cool a lot in our conversation.  I don’t usually say it this much.”
Me: [laugh]  (Aren’t I simply amazing?)
Him: “Go ahead and try the file again.”
Me: “It worked.”
Him: “Cool.  Damn, I said it again!”

Him: “Can I put you on hold a second?”
Me: “Sure thing.”
[A coworker asked me who I was talking to.] Me: “An IT guy is trying to fix that whole document opening problem.  He gets an A for effort, but it’s still not opening.”
[Co-worker laughs and I wait maybe 5 more seconds before he comes back.] Him: “Okay, sorry about that.  And thanks for the A.”

But while my computer was down I got to read my book, so that was nice.  Then I helped set up for a surprise baby shower for a coworker.  Then I spent an hour and a half at said baby shower.  So out of the 8 hours I was at the office, I probably worked for 3 of them.

Oh, and for the record, I looked this IT fella up on our handy-dandy pictorial directory and he is even cuter than his voice had led me to believe.

Fun day.

3 thoughts on “Punching and Slacking

  1. Whoa, they can hear you when you're on hold?!?!
    Hmm… This explains a great deal of my personal IT interactions…
    I'll have to keep this in mind.

  2. That hearing you on hold thing is weird. Thank God you didn't saying anything like, "He has a cute voice" or "His cute voice is making me picture a cute guy – naked."
    Are you going to intentionally break your computer to talk to him again or are you going to send him a "Thank you" email and see if he responds?

    • He had commented that my computer problem was breaking his brain, and so the next day I sent up a cookie from the cafe upstairs with a little note, "Sorry I broke your brain yesterday. Maybe this will help?"
      I didn't hear back from him but oh well. Maybe he's married. Or gay. Or both.

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