Puke and Pedophilic Cats

They always say, “don’t knock it before you try it.”  Well I am here to say that I have tried it, and I am knocking it.  Food poisoning sucks ass.  I went through Thursday being A-Ok only and started feeling slightly queasy when I got home from work.  It escalated quickly over the next two hours, which is when the real fun began.  And by “fun” I mean “Dear-God-make-it-stop-this-isn’t-fun-at-all.”

I tried to keep track of how many times I threw up, because at the very least it would be interesting to take bets on, but I lost count.  My best guess estimate is 21.  In case you were wondering, the culprit was a McDonald’s breakfast burrito.  [Ah, little burrito, you had always been so good to me.  Eating you in the morning with your little packet of Hot Sauce was such a treat.  But no longer!  I shall avoid you and your dirty schemes forevermore!]

Thankfully, Mr. W came over and took care of me, fetching [and forcing me to drink] bottles of water and Gatorade.  I was pretty useless on Friday as well: dehydrated and weak.  A lot of laying around that day.  I’m all right now, though my stomach/appetite is still a little off.

In other news, I love how stupid people are sometimes.  Take this guy who, when arrested for possession of child pornography, blamed the whole thing on his cat.  Well done, sir.  You make me laugh.

3 thoughts on “Puke and Pedophilic Cats

  1. Food poisoning sucks. I got it but I got it the opposite way….and I got it from KFC! I think it was the biscuit….

    Good job Mr. W! Prove our favorite cynic wrong!

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