Psycho Ghost Stalkers

Have I mentioned that I think our new apartment is haunted?  Because I do.  The guest bedroom gives me bad vibes.  I don’t know why, there’s nothing scary in there.  I hate even going to the bathroom at night because it’s right next to the guest bedroom.  I realize I’m a big pansy, but that room creeps me out.

One day while Mr. W and I were unpacking boxes in the guest bedroom, I went for one of my boxes and saw a cd laying inside on top of everything.  I don’t own any CDs [they’ve all been copied into my computer and then sold or given away] so I knew it wasn’t mine.  When I asked Mr. W, he said he’d never seen that CD before.  Neither of us recognized the band [and I don’t remember it now].  I opened the case and there was no disc inside.  Very strange.  I threw it out.

A couple days later Mr. W noticed a tiny remote stuck in a small statue on top of the TV.  He says he must have put the statue there with the remote stuck in, not noticing, but I really don’t think it was like that before.

And I’ve been having bad dreams every night [probably because I’m creeping myself out.]  Last night I dreamed that I worked in a bar as a waitress.  I had lots of guy friends and admirers, but there was this one guy that was super creepy and started following me around.  I don’t remember much, but somehow I found out that he was a psycho stalker of the “If I can’t have her, no one can” variety.  He comes to the bar, and I *know* that this is the day when he’s going to try to hurt me.  When he’s distracted I take off running.  The bar is apparently in the middle of a huge prairie, so there aren’t many options on hiding spots.  A friend of mine has a minivan parked right next to the creepy psycho stalker’s motorcycle [with a super loud engine] and I jump in the minivan and hide between some seats.  I figure that when people are in these sorts of situations in movies they take off running and are caught.  No one ever thinks to hide super close.  The stalker realizes I’m gone, gets on his bike, and speeds off in pursuit.  I wake up.

I think, “whoo!  escaped that one!” before falling back asleep.  Totally new dream in which Mr. W and I are driving around a nice suburban neighborhood looking at houses that are for sale.  We look through one and get back in the car as the stalker rides by on his motorcycle.  I tell Mr. W to get the hell out of there.  He seems to know who this stalker guy is and doesn’t ask questions.  I’m hoping the stalker didn’t see me, but he turns around and begins to follow us.  Mr. W speeds up and is trying to lose the guy in this residential neighborhood and I wake up to the sound of my alarm.

Teri’s Current Ghost Theory: My apartment is haunted by a man who used to ride a motorcycle, had an eclectic music selection, a penchant for tiny remotes, and is able to affect my dreams.  Oh, and has both fallen in love with and wants to kill me.

The Ghosthunters TV show has me thinking I need to purchase some infrared thingamabobs and EMP whatsydosits.  However, the Paranormal Activity movie would suggest that acknowledging the spirit will make it more powerful, inevitably possessing me and causing me to kill others [sorry if I spoiled anything].  So which is it?  Paranormal Activity had a bigger budget and special effects, but I really like those Ghosthunter guys.  I’m so torn.

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