Pretty Trees and a Freezing Teri

On Friday, Paige and I went to the annual Christkindlmarket. Very cold, but still fun to see all the different crafts. I ended up buying a pewter ornament that has Merry Christmas written in German. You know…to further embrace my heritage. Speaking of which, I recently found out that my ancestor, Conrad, who came over to the Americas from Germany, fought in the Revolutionary War as a Hessian soldier. In case you don’t know, that means he was a mercenary soldier hired to fight against the rebel Americans. It kinda makes me like him more. We’re all about the money, my family and I.

Here are some pictures I took at the market:


And here’s me, all bundled up and still cold:

3 thoughts on “Pretty Trees and a Freezing Teri

  1. Christmas!
    Awsome pictures!
    Oh, by the way I recieved your christmas card yesderday!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have your address and can stalk you….
    Okay just kidding. But I shall send you a card forthwith!

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