Presidents, Accounting, and Bridesmaids

Whether you like Obama or not, you have to feel a little sorry for him and the massive undertaking he has before him.  It’s like the American people have handed him a steaming pile of crap and said, “Okay, we need you to turn this into roses.  And, um, we needed it by yesterday.”  And then we, along with the rest of the world, pull up a chair to watch while either hoping he can or hoping he’ll fail miserably.

John Kass, a writer for the Chicago Tribune, said it much more eloquently than I can.  He describes Obama’s inaugural address as “one heck of a speech … a thoughtful man talking, a man hoping to unite his country even as he could feel the weight of the Earth settling upon his shoulders.”

Also, whether you like Bush or not, you have to feel a little sorry for him, too.  He deserves some small measure of respect and decorum.

And on a more Teri-related note, school is going all right.  Let’s just say that I do not have the mind of an accountant and leave it at that.  I’m managing a low B, which is aces with me.
March is looking to be a wonderful month.  First and foremost, that’s when my accounting class ends (however, finance management will then start).  Secondly, my brother has spring break the first week, and I am oh-so-trying to get him to come to Chicago.  I <3 my brother!  Thirdly, I am going to California to see Josh and Cynthia!  Yay!!  I hope we go to the San Diego Zoo.  For years I wanted to work there [Teri Fact: I still kinda do] and it would be awesome to visit it!
Speaking of J&C — they are getting married this fall and she’s asked me to be a bridesmaid.  It recently occurred to me that this will be my third time as a bridesmaid, and you know the saying, “Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride.”
I wanted to know why this saying is a saying, so I Googled it.  According to this handy site, “Their role is to protect the bride from evil forces. Therefore, if a maid is exposed three times to the harmful spirits, then she will not herself be pure to marry. Unless, that is, she goes on to perform this role for a total of seven times – then she is safe to marry!”
I had no idea that I was fighting evil by standing up there next to the bride holding some flowers and trying not to cry.  I am so badass.  So hear ye, hear ye!  Let it be known to all that, come this autumn, I shall be impure to marry.  Stay away!  [Unless that’s your cup of tea, and, in that case, I think I would prefer you anyway.]
I also discovered that, “Married in green, ashamed to be seen.”  There goes that idea.

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