Presents and Panic Attacks

Christmas was pretty good this year, minus the driving.  Mr. W and I went to my parent’s home in Tennessee.  My brother flew there too, so we were all together.  We played lots of board games and watched some movies and ate lots of sweets.  This reminds me–my body is crazy.

I can go a week and do everything right–work out every day, eat lots of vegetables and not snack, etc.  Even though I do the things I “should” I can also gain a pound during this week.  But then you take last week… I didn’t work out at all, two entire days were spent on the road, I ate lots of sweets and desserts.  Today I weighed myself to see that I have LOST a pound in the past week.  This makes absolutely no sense to me.  Crazy is the only viable option here.

We have Samantha, my step-daughter, with us for the next two weeks.  We picked her up “on the way” back to Chicago [which is actually not on the way at all].  The second we arrived in Missouri, it started to rain.  It never stopped raining, giving us a lovely five-hour drive back to Chicago.  I don’t handle driving in inclement weather well, thanks to my first car which my mom calls The Fudgemobile.  Even though Mr. W was driving [I drove the first half], I was getting pretty tense.  About an hour and a half away from Chicago I told Mr. W that he should not freak out if I suddenly start hyperventilating.  About 30 seconds later, the panic attack hit.

It wasn’t too bad, to be honest.  I have had them before so I knew it was coming and knew how to get through it.  I was just more worried about freaking Mr. W out while he was driving.  He talked soothingly to me and held my hand while I concentrated on breathing.  It only lasted a couple minutes.  The second one lasted maybe one minute.  [I don’t know why, but panic attacks hit me in twos.]

So all in all, had a great Christmas with family but am really glad to be home.  The weekend after New Years we will have to drive Samantha back [please please Teri can haz dry day?] and the week after that I get to experience the joy of having three wisdom teeth extracted.

My new year is one big hootenanny, I tell you what.

What do you think?