Potato Chips

There’s a lady… wait, I don’t like that.  I say lady and I think a woman in her fifties.  She’s older than me, but not by a terribly great amount.  I don’t want to say “young lady” because then it sounds like I’m upset with her.

Okay, there’s a female co-worker who is addicted to potato chips.  Of any kind.  I tease her every once in awhile about this chip penchant.  (That was your backstory.)  At lunch time today she said:  “I haven’t had chips in two days, and these taste like glory.”

Then as we headed down from lunch we planned on going to the bank…
Me: “Are we stopping at our desks first?”
Her: “Yeah, I need to drop off my chips.  I don’t want to carry them outside–I might lose them.”

It made me laugh.

What do you think?