Poetry Prompt

Write a 20-line poem (rhyming or nonrhyming, your choice) about your favorite possession that cost you fewer than $10.

cherished token, which atop my desk sits
my love is steadfast no matter how dusty it gets
four wheels has it, two side mirrors, and is green
a tiny, toy version of what is commonly seen
out on the streets, scurrying passengers to and fro
to parties, to weddings, to funerals it goes
a multi-functional vehicle, of that i am sure
i’ve an addiction to it of which there’s no cure!
so purchased this miniature version have i
secreted in the toy aisle, i almost passed by
i carried it home from the store with much glee
and displayed it victoriously for all to see
an object of scrutiny, this memento of mine
they don’t spot the beauty i so easily find
in either the real thing or the fake
oh, to make me happy, so little it takes!
a beloved keepsake, my adored little car
it’s merely a replica, but not in my heart
go ahead, make fun–i care not what you do
oh, honda element, how i love you!
[I doubt it’s my favorite possession under ten bucks, but it was one of the first things I thought of.  And any time I try to write poetry when I’m not depressed, it’s cheesy.  Therefore, I decided to go all out.]

What do you think?