Play Nice, People

People who treat animals cruelly deserve a special place in Hell.  This morning as I was buying a bottle of water from the cafeteria, I heard a news story on the TV about a guy who “kicked his cat like a football.”

“Police charged a South Side man with animal cruelty after officers say they watched him take a running start and kick a kitten 15-18 feet into the air before raising his arms to signal a successful field goal.”

The animal shelter that is currently giving this cat medical care commented that it is friendly and loving.  Even after being treated horribly by a human, this cat is still affectionate.  Pure, unconditional love is what pets are, and what makes mistreating them all the more terrible.

Sorry for the rant, but this really pissed me off.  I am by no means an animal rights activist.  I eat meat [I could never truly go vegetarian because I love Taco Bell just too damn much] and I certainly won’t chastise someone for wearing a fur coat.  We can kill animals for sustenance and warmth [or even sport, if hunting is your thing], but that doesn’t give us the right to treat any of them cruelly.

In lighter-but-still-cat-related news, apparently someone has given “my cat has the hiccups” as an excuse to be late for work.  I still don’t see why it would cause the person to be late, unless he followed it around trying to scare the hiccups out of it.  Good luck there, buddy.  It’s practically impossible to scare a cat–they can always hear you coming, unless they are asleep and then they simply don’t care what you are trying to do with that blanket.

Not that I have tried or anything.

What do you think?