Planning: Halloween and France

I’ve been listening to the Poe song “Haunted” for the past 3 days. We’re talking on-repeat-for-hours-at-a-time listening. I don’t know why. You know, other than that it’s a freakin’ great song.

My Halloween costume is nearly complete, all I need is a pair of fishnets [I’m going to a party as a vampire who may or may not be considered a tad on the slutty side]. I’m sure there will be pictures. I also bought some “pumpkin carving tools” and next weekend will be carving a pumpkin or two. Yay, fun! This weekend, Paige and I are going to see the foreign flick “The Boot Cake” on Saturday. Sunday is breakfast with a friend who’s here from out of town and the Wicker Park Farmer’s Market. Yay, more fun!

In more worldly news, I am optimistically planning a trip to France in March of next year. Yes, I will end up broke (“more broke than usual” might be a more accurate description) but it will be so completely worth it. My friend, Katia, lives in France and would love to see me, so basically I just need air fare and money to live off of while I am there. And, of course, I have to get a train ticket to spend a day in Italy. That’s non-negotiable. I am very excited about the trip–it’s a long time coming.

2 thoughts on “Planning: Halloween and France

  1. france
    Oh my word are you going to see Katia???? Awsome!! Have a blast for me–you MUST see everything possible, drink in all of the warm-snail, wine-laced, french goodness!!!!
    Let me know how travel plans are going!
    I'm so happy for you!!

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