There was a flurry of activity in what was to be an otherwise quiet Monday night at work.

Security stopped a man and woman coming out of the elevators.  The man had been acting suspicious and Security asked if he had a room key.  The man tried to get away from them and started yelling.  The woman threw up her hands and made a beeline for the front entrance as the man removed a knife from his pocket.  There was a scuffle involving the man, Mike the bellman, and at least three security officers.  The man ended up pinned on the floor and handcuffed, but not before slashing one of the security guys in the arm (he needed 22 stitches, but is otherwise okay).  It was scary, but I’m incredibly thankful that no one was injured more seriously.

As if that weren’t enough, directly following the fight I was informed that a significant amount of vomit was occupying an elevator (the same set of elevators the man and woman had been in).  I’m not sure if the vomit is related or not.

And on top of that, someone broke into one of the arcade machines in the bar and stole all the change out of it.  That right there seems like a stupid crime.  If the take is small, it hardly seems worth the effort.  If the take is large, you may weigh too much to make a hasty exit.

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