Outcry Ensues, Area Woman Responds

I am frustrated with McCain supporters’ anger toward Obama and need to say a few things in response.  Of the scores of angry comments I’ve read through in just the first few hours of Wednesday morning, I’ve selected several gems to post here.  The “Who’s Who” and angry website comments, if you will.  [Note: these comments were not altered in any way.]
Obama is NOT my President! I’ll concede once the Judge rules if Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE id authintic and is BORN HERE on the SOIL of the USA, not the soil oft he USSA!
I’ll admit I didn’t know what the USSA was, but after Googling it, I’m going to have to agree with this poster–I need some proof that Obama was not, in fact, born on the soil of the United States Ski and Snowboard Association.  We should make that a Constitutional amendment, even, just to really drive home our opposition.  No persons born of Ski and Snowboard Associations, foreign or domestic, shall ever become President, forthwith!
Sickening! There must be alot of lazy welfare wanting losers moving to Virginia.  Actually, if you look at Prince William and the northern counties that voted for him, there’s lots of illegals moving there. Now you know where all those Demonrat votes came from. I never expect VA to go Demonrat.
Bravo, poster, on your fantastic display of maturity.  Perhaps we can rustle up some sort of “I am rubber, you are glue” response from the Obama-voting Virginia populace.  Also, for the record, “illegals” can’t register to vote.
I think there is one great thing to be said, FILIBUSTER FILIBUSTER FILIBUSTER! He will not get anything through Congress!! STAGNATION RULES!!!!!!!!!
“Stagnation rules”?  Seriously?  So just because your guy didn’t win, you don’t want the President to be able to fix the problems with our country?  It’s like some pycho-stalker in a movie who, right before he stabs the girl, proclaims, “If I can’t have you, no one can!”
Obama is a joke. He will never be my president, as he brought his way in. This is the most crooked election America ever has had.
I am assuming you meant “bought” here.  People donated money for him to use on his campaign.  So he used it.  And I don’t know if I could say this is the most crooked election EVER—how about when Blacks were pressured (physically, emotionally, and financially) to vote how their white counterparts wanted?  Or when the mafia would use voter intimidation and bribery to get favorable outcomes for their candidate?
I can’t stand Barack Obama because he longs to make America “like Europe”. Double digit unemployment, welfare states and far behind the U.S. in economic or military power. Why would I want us to lower America to a “Euro” standard of living ?
Obama has never intimated this longing, but let’s pretend he has togive this commenter the benefit of the doubt.  Also, for the sake of argument, I will ignore the fact that Europe isn’t a country but a continent.  So to really make these comparisons fair, it should be Europe v. North America.
*The American dollar is worth less than the Euro: $1.5 = 1
*European rate of inflation is 1.9% compared to America’s 5.6%
*Europe’s public debt = 21 billion, America’s public debt = 10.5 trillion
*Unemployment 7% Europe, 6.1% America (so I suppose they have me on this one, though 7 is not a double digit)
All that to say: if Obama did want to make America more like Europe, I guess that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
I will never support Obama’s tax reduction plan, even though I am middle class.  I don’t feel right taking money from the country that I did not earn.
I’m not sure you know what a tax reduction is.  A reduction means that the taxes taken out of the money you EARN (i.e. your paycheck) would be decreased.
I’m moving to Canada!
I’m just guessing at your reasons for wanting to leave the U.S., but you know they’re not a democracy, right?  And that’s it’s one of the few nations with 0 legal restrictions on abortions?  And a more socialized health care system?  Oh well…need some help packing?
– – -Dear Angry McCain Supporters,

I don’t want to believe that you are stupid, but after reading pages and pages of comments like this, it’s pretty damn hard not to at least think it.  I realize that you’re angry your guy lost.  But the only thing the temper tantrums are going to get you is various health problems.When 6 states overturn years of Republicanism and vote Democratic – that is significant message.  Be respectful of the man who has been elected by the majority of your fellow Americans and give him the support he needs to do the work we need.  If we continue to work against each other, we’re going to keep getting what we’ve been getting.  And I, for one, am sick and tired of what we have been getting: rising unemployment, unprecedented Federal deficit, deteriorating foreign relations, economic instability, home foreclosures, and government bailouts and stimulus checks that have neither bailed out or stimulated.

People mock Obama’s frequent usage of the word “change”, but he only used it so often because it is the one thing we so desperately need.

2 thoughts on “Outcry Ensues, Area Woman Responds

  1. You're absolutely correct; America voted and the best man won. We need to stick together as a nation and hope for the best. I certainly hope our president-elect puts this country first, and I for one will celebrate and cheer when i see that he intends to do just that. I would be saying the exact same thing for mr. mccain as well.
    Again, I wish America luck

  2. Teri, you are absolutely one of the most fabulous women I know! I love reading your posts, and your surgical wit is such a breath of fresh air. I'm with you, lady. Let's get over who "won" and who "lost" and deal with the facts. And get this country back on track!!!

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