Mr. 11

If you aren’t familiar with my tweets on Twitter, then you don’t know who Mr. 11 is and the rest of this post won’t make a whole lot of sense.  Just know that Mr. 11 is an attractive guy I see in the morning on my way to work.  He gets his name because my scale goes to a fifteen.

The following is a conversation via Twitter messages:
I tweeted: The little girl inside me is thrilled by the fact that Mr. 11 always stands next to me. The rest of me rolls my eyes at her.
Andy: Just realize that Mr. 11 probably eats puppy stew every night whilst reclining on a baby seal pillow watching “According to Jim”
Chad:  ouch. dude, that is wrong on so many levels. who watches According to Jim anyway?
Me: I adore you both.
Andy: Either that, or Mr. 11 is secretly a prince from some foreign land & you’re Anne Hathaway, and Julie Andrews is somewhere close by.
Chad: Or…he’s a terrorist plotting to take over Chicago and only Teri can stop him by beguiling him with her mojo.
Teri: Now I’m torn. I like beguiling others, but I’d also like Julie’s autograph.
Chad: so…he’s a terrorist prince? Does saying terrorist on Twitter get you added to some secret watchlist so that they can blam–

Teri: Hmm, well it did something…

One thought on “Mr. 11

  1. actually…i just typed until i hit my 140 characters. but the effect was the same.

    ah twitter. how fun.

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