One Year

I’ve now been in Chicago exactly one year.  It’s really flown by.  I was trying to think in what ways I’m better or worse off than I was a year ago.  The most obvious one is that I’m gainfully employed now, whereas last year at this time, I was not.  But then I also have more debt.  In about two weeks I will have worked the night shift for one year–an anniversary needing no reflection.  In September I will have been at the hotel for one year and will get sick leave, five vacation days, and a 401k.  I’ve never had these things before.  They are vague concepts that I always hear adults talking about at restaurants or in movies.

It’s weird to think I’ve been here a whole year.  In the last year I’ve only seen my parents and brother once–at Christmas.  That’s really, really weird.  I miss them.

Other Random Teri Updates
* I am pursuing starting school in the spring of next year.  Columbia says that my program does not admit in the spring except under special circumstances.  I must find out what these circumstances are and then make them apply to me.
* Ryan called me today and we finalized the plans for Sunday.  He lives all the way in freaking Evanston.  All you people need to know is that’s an hour of train-riding.  We’re compromising–I take the train up to meet him, and he drives me home after.  So at least there’s that.
* Tomorrow marks Operation New Budget: Day One!  I am excited.  And poor.
* I’ve been listening to a lot of Marcy Playground lately.  He has one song and its title makes me smile.  It’s called “Cloak of Elvenkind.”  I think that’s fun.  If you don’t, then just know I am more of a nerd than you are.  Take a moment to feel superior.

3 thoughts on “One Year

  1. you know why it doesn’t feel like you’ve been here a year? because i’m the master of time suckage. this is not a secret. why are you surprised??

    (oh, and i also hear that time flies when one is having fun.)

  2. I love that Cherry Tree song. 🙂

    How well do you know this guy you’re going out with? I hope you have a good time, but I feel nervous about you going out alone with him and then depending on him for your ride home, if you don’t know him well. Please post and let us know that you’re not dead.

    Also, have a good time! Post and give us details about how fun your date was. 🙂

  3. hey. the black horse and a cherry tree song can’t be TOO annoying, cause the singer is from Scotland! :p that’s the only reason I like it. yes please tell us how the date went, that would be cool 🙂

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