On My Day Off…

I woke up around 4 in the afternoon to shower and get ready to leave the apartment with Tim and Josh.  I decided to wear my extra-spiffy, recently acquired shirt from Target.  It makes me happy.

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We took to the train to Josh and Cynthia’s, and Josh, in classic Teri style, pondered some deep thoughts.

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At Josh and Cynthia’s we played D&D throughout the evening.  Here’s Cynthia and Tim taking a mini-break.  I honestly don’t know who looks freakier in this picture; both are equally unsettling.

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Tim and I came home and became engrossed in a PC game called Scratches, which is in the vein of 7th guest/Myst games–scary with puzzle solving.  So engrossed were we that we played until 6:30am when we finally beat the darned thing.  It was a good time had by all.

I then walked to the hotel to meet Paige for some breakfast.  She was happy to be getting out of there.

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We went to Starbucks where I was going to take another picture, but promptly forgot.  After a couple hours of Arrested Development, I then went to bed.  All in all, a nice day off work.

5 thoughts on “On My Day Off…

  1. That sounds like a great "day." I have played maybe 3 PC games in my life but I wore out the demo for The 11th Hour (which is the sequel to the 7th Guest.) I got stuck in the maze and had to turn the sound off b/c the voice was creeping me out too much.

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