Oh, the Drama!

Drama annoys me.  And I’m not talking about your high school’s drama club, either (though most things involving high school annoy me as well).  Relational drama.  I try to avoid this sort of drama whenever I can, my thought being, “If it’s not on a movie screen, then I don’t need to know about it.”  And sometimes not even then, depending on the movie.

Maybe that’s why I don’t like country music.  Your cheating ex-girlfriend stole your pickup truck on the same day your dog died?  Too much drama.  No thanks.

Games (again, relational–not Monopoly) annoy me as well because they are just a way to start up some drama.  And from what I’ve witnessed around me, playing games will always backfire on you.

I have a problem with lying.  I do it a lot.  And I do it really well.  But the thing is–I never lie about important stuff.  I lie about trivial, inconsequential things where there was no reason to have lied in the first place.

Example:  For the job interview last week I was freakishly early because, well, that’s the sort of person I am.  I stopped at a department store next door to browse and waste fifteen minutes.  The closest thing to the door was a watch section (I just lied, because it wasn’t the closest thing–makeup was.  Why did I say that?) and so I looked through the cases of watches.  A salesman approached me and asked if I was shopping for anything in particular.

Me: “I want to get my boyfriend a watch.”
Guy: “Formal or casual?”
Me: “Something that could be both.  What would you recommend?”
The poor salesguy spends the next fifteen minutes telling me about different watches and asks me about what my boyfriend likes.  I answer all his questions dutifully, but I know I need to get going to my interview now.
Me: “Thank you for your help.  I have a lot to think about now.”
And I leave.  He was disappointed, but come on!  No boyfriend, real or imaginary, is worth the $1100 they were asking for that watch.

So why am I talking about drama and lying?  A coworker is going through the beginning stages of a divorce with her husband.  It’s messy and he’s stalkerish.  She didn’t want to talk to him or for him to even know she was at work and so I answered and had a five minute conversation with him wherein everything out of my mouth was a complete lie.  He was none the wiser.

My roommate, Tim, says it jokingly (I think), but sometimes I have to wonder…  Maybe I am a bad person.

6 thoughts on “Oh, the Drama!

  1. nah, you're no worse than the rest of us.
    I have a tendency to lie about the little things too. But even worse, I sometimes lie about big things. Every now and then I create a completely new past for myself whenever I meet someone. I come up with all sorts of stuff, pulled from various movies or friends' lives.
    The fun part for me is remembering what I told them the next time I meet them. For some reason this is fun for me.
    Maybe I'm a bad person.

  2. Maybe you could just try to direct this tendency toward good causes – protecting coworkers from creepy ex-husbands, deflecting your own stalkers with tidbits of "Amanda's" life, entertaining your LiveJournal friends with a harmless story you made up at a department store. You know….

    • Use my powers for good instead of evil. Yes. I like that.
      Amanda does have quite an interesting life–being married to that Jewish accountant. They are quite rich and she only works because she gets bored sitting in their penthouse apartment all day. Alone. She wants to try for a baby.

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