Now with More Drama!

(Note – I have no real drama but will magnify what little there is for Warren, who asked for some.)

I had been looking forward to last night all week.  My friend Laura, Tim, and I were going to go out to this awesome pub up north called Brownstone which, on Sunday nights, has very tasty $5 appetizers.  Yum.  Then when Daniel got off work at 11 he was going to call me and we’d all meet up at a bar closer to home.  I was very excited about this plan.

So I get up on Sunday and try to call Laura.  There is no answer!!  I try not to panic as this new turn of events and instead take a shower.  I take my time getting ready, surf the internet, check some email, until about an hour and a half has passed.  I try calling Laura again………NO ANSWER!!

It is then at this time (8:30) that I get a text message from Tim that he forgot he already had plans, so he’s out too.  So I decided the night wouldn’t be a total loss since Daniel was going to call at 11 and I sat down and played some Neverwinter Nights.  Let me tell you–drama, drama, drama.  I was killing evil wizards and saving babies and all sorts of things.

Tim (and some lovely friends–Josh and Cynthia and Sally) came home a little before 11 with the PlayStation game Guitar Hero and plans to watch Bicentennial Man.  We spent an hour playing Guitar Hero…which is VERY FUN.  Dear Lord, that game is fun.  I might go out and play some more of it right after I finish this post.

11 comes and goes and no call from Daniel.  “Why don’t you call him?” you are all wondering.   Well…::pause for dramatic effect::…when last I talked to Daniel he informed me that he’s in the middle of an apartment move and his phone has been shut off.  And…….he doesn’t have a CELL PHONE!!  ::duh duh DUH!!::  So I ended watching the movie with my friends, played a little more Guitar Hero, and then went to bed.

And that was my night.  I could have just said, “Yeah, so I didn’t hang out with Daniel but played Guitar Hero so my night wasn’t a total waste” and you would have all been brought up to speed.  But Warren asked for drama.  This was the best I could do…short of someone being murdered or something during the movie.

I have an email from Daniel, apologizing and again asking for my number (it was lost in the move…OR WAS IT?).  He says he’s free tonight and wants me to respond with my number.  I have done so and now we shall see if/when he calls………………………………….

6 thoughts on “Now with More Drama!

  1. Ugh, I hate miscommunications like that. I’ve been having a whole week of miscommunications/missed connections, dare I say, with different friends that I’m supposed to meet up with, only to have plans fall through. It must be like… Miscommunications Week or something.

    In other news, though, I’ll have to check Brownstone out. $5 yummy appetizers sounds good to me!

    • Defintiely check it out. Sunday nights. I’m not sure exactly where it is, but it’s in the Lincoln/Damen area. We did a bar hop in the area one night and it was one of the places we hit.

  2. And where, per se, is this Brownstone? Up North? But where?

    And thanks for the drama. Even tho I was over last night, I had no idea just how dramatic things were….and you left out the part about me snoring in the middle of Bicenntenial Man….did I really, coz I don’t believe Tim. 😉

    • Yeah, you were snoring. Sorry. 🙂

      Brownstone is in the Lincoln/Damen area. We should go some Sunday night. Well, we should go any night really. Dang those appetizers were tasty…

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