Now With 50% More Hate!

Today UPS succeeded in making me hate them a little more.  I was told my dress would be delivered between 8am and 7pm today.  I was supposed to leave around four to go to Josh and Cynthia’s–assuming the dress came earlier in the day which, usually, they do.  At six I call UPS just to check the status and she confirms the shipment and says it will be delivered before 7:30pm.  So Tim and I watch some Prison Break on DVD (I’ve never seen it before) and 8:00 rolls around.  I track the package on the website and it says a delivery attempt was made at 6:10 pm and there was no answer.  Well, I was a little angry–seeing as Tim and I had both been waiting by the phone for the majority of the day and can verify that no such attempt was made.  I call UPS for the second time.  Apparently there was a mistake in the address and so they couldn’t buzz my apartment.  They’ve corrected the problem and now I have to change my plans for tomorrow in order to sit by the phone all day again.  Ordinarily this wouldn’t make me quite as upset as it has, but with UPS it’s every damn time.  Grr.

I was feeling a little stressed, so I made a list of what I need to pack.  That helped a little.

Paige is coming over Sunday for some Alias Season Five.  I haven’t seen Paige in several weeks and I’ve never seen Alias Season 5, so I’m really excited about that.  Sunday is going to be a weird day for me for one main reason—I ain’t sleepin’.  I work Saturday night, then I’m staying up all day Sunday in order to go to bed that night and be up and at ’em for my flight Monday morning.  So yeah.  Whoo to that.

After much hype from people who’ve watched the show, Heroes, Tim finally watched the first episode.  I asked him what he thought about it.
Tim: “Eh, I was expecting the greatest thing since sliced bread, but all I got was unsliced bread.  I got a loaf.”

5 thoughts on “Now With 50% More Hate!

  1. Just a note — don't judge Heroes by the first episode. Although I was intrigued by the first show, my favorite char doesn't even appear until the second, and it just gets better from there. It's honestly one of the first shows I've seen where I've been able to say "Wow, that was the best episode so far." about *every* episode.

  2. yeah Heroes is good but you have to watch the first several to get sucked in. Not seen Alias 5.. wow and you call yourself a fan of his. hehe 🙂 I think wanting to bear him children makes you qualify for show did you put that in there?? UPS seems to have gone down hill I hate getting deliveries from them as they don;t even knock they just drop stuff at office and write on note they tried and couldn;t and left at office.. I hate that since they are lying as I like yourself was waiting on them all day also.

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